5 Facts about Travel Sickness

There are many things that you should know about travel sickness. Facts that are naturally unwanted but can be of great help to each and every person affected by the condition. These are information that lets you understand more the things not clear before. Moreover, these are pieces of small specific details that can change the way you feel about having the condition and let you know ways to prevent and alleviate them. Here are five facts about travel sickness that can be very useful to the entire population whether to help themselves or the people they love around them.

Fact #1: Travel sickness is more common to women than men. Studies show that a larger percent of women are more affected by travel sickness than men. This can be pointed back to the reason that nausea is commonly caused by high levels of estrogens which is common to women especially during pregnancy and menstrual periods. This makes sense whenever a woman feels nauseated during her periods and feels like vomiting during pregnancy.

Fact#2: People who have recent ear conditions are more susceptible to travel sickness. Commonly, people who have inner ear conditions appear intolerant to travelling. Since the ear is the center of balance, having disturbances would make a person more prone to travel sickness. The disorientation between the perception of the eye and the ear worsens as the ear fail to function well.

Fact#3: People who experience migraine headaches are also more susceptible. Migraine is highly regarded as a risk factor of travel sickness. The relationship between migraine and travel sickness is not clear. However, studies show that migraine occurs due to very low levels of serotonin and travels sickness medications have increased amount of serotonin. Therefore, the condition is triggered with the low levels of serotonin on migraine patients.

Fact#4: Children are more prone to motion sickness than adults are. Children of ages 2-12 often suffer from the condition since their sense of balance is not yet well developed. The very first complain of children are nausea which may later lead to vomiting if not alleviated. One of the best ways to relieve travel sickness in a child is through a very sweet candy. In addition, parents should always prepare a barf bag.

Fact#5: Studies show that almost 80 percent of people experience travel sickness. One does not have to be ashamed if he or she has this condition. Almost always, people experience being nauseate and vomited for once in their lives. They may be caused by car, sea or sickness. Whichever it is, they are all considered motion sickness. Moreover, they usually have common remedies such as ginger and peppermint, candies and chewing gums, and food and water.

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