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Hi and welcome,Neuromedics is the sole distributor of ReliefBand® in Australia. This family business has a long history of being involved with travel comfort products and particularly motion sickness. The ReliefBand® was discovered over 10 years ago by one of the family members while on a sailing trip in the US so he decided to try it out and boy did it work!  Instant relief and no side affects – Amazing.Once back in Australia we were all so confused as to why Australia didn’t have any treatment for Nausea that was drug free and worked instantly. So decided to make it our purpose to bring the Reliefband® to Australia. Not only does it work for SeaSickness it also works for Travel Sickness, Air Sickness and Morning Sickness. It works for any type of Nausea and it’s 100% Australian Government TGA Approved.We hope that others in Australia are able to get the same Relief as we have along with our friends and extended family.  If you want to fix your nausea now, just hit the buy now button and we will have it shipped off to you in a few days.

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    2017 replaceable battery reliefband


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