Sea Sickness Cure

Medication for seasickness

Whatever euphemism you use – have a spit, urping, barfing, power yawn, liquid laugh or perhaps belly burley? – Sea sickness is a huge problem for boaties.

Nearly 33% of people in Australia suffer from Sea Sickness.  Many of the Prescription and Over The Counter (OTC) medications that are designed for Sea Sickness sufferers cause drowsiness and fatigue forcing the individual to discontinue the activity that was the primary cause of their symptoms. There have been no new products for the treatment of motion sickness in the last 25 years. The Australian TGA and U.S. FDA have cleared Reliefband for OTC and Prescription treatment of Sea Sickness.

The Reliefband Solution:

  • Reliefband works after symptoms are in full swing
  • No drug, food or beverage restrictions
  • Reliefband does not cause drowsiness or any of the other side-effects

This is Capt. Rob of Q Wave Charters and I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your motion sickness device called the RELIEFBAND®. I offer this device to my customers at the first hint of sickness and within 15 minutes, they are feeling better. This device has saved many trips from becoming ruined by seasickness. This unit has become as much a part of my business as the rods and reels. My goal is to have my customers leave the boat knowing that I have gone above and beyond to make their trip a success. Your reliefband® plays an important role in that goal. Thanks for making a product that works quick and is reliable. ~ R.Q. (USA)


Tablets for seasickness

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