The ReliefBand® is definitely worth the money, I’m so delighted with the result of using a ReliefBand® when sailing, rather than just giving up on sailing
~ C.T. (Mosman, Sydney)

Anyone who’s been seasick knows that even the slightest discomfort can ruin an entire day of your trip. It may sound cliché, but when we travel , we are never going to leave home without our ReliefBands again!! Thank you so very much for an INCREDIBLE AND INCOMPARABLE PRODUCT! ~ M.W. (Cronulla, Sydney)

THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT!” “I just returned from my first Caribbean cruise and I just can’t sing your product enough praises! I have suffered for years from Motion Sickness and am so pleased that I have finally found relief and can actually enjoy plane and boat rides. ~ L.R. (Potts Point, Sydney)

This is Capt. Rob of Q Wave Charters and I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your motion sickness device called the RELIEFBAND®. I offer this device to my customers at the first hint of sickness and within 15 minutes, they are feeling better. This device has saved many trips from becoming ruined by seasickness. This unit has become as much a part of my business as the rods and reels. My goal is to have my customers leave the boat knowing that I have gone above and beyond to make their trip a success. Your reliefband® plays an important role in that goal. Thanks for making a product that works quick and is reliable. ~ R.Q. (USA)

I have been bothered by motion sickness for years. I have tried everything to get rid of it because I love boating and I have no problems with flying…except I get ill. I saw the ReliefBand® in a catalog and purchased. This past Sunday when we flew not only did I feel great on the flight, but we actually had to make an emergency landing in Coffs Harbour, take off again, land in Sydney, and then change planes and fly West. NO NAUSEA. The ReliefBand® Device-100% it works. Not 90%…100%. ~ R.J. (Perth)

I am so happy to see that you are now selling the RELIEFBAND® AGAIN!!! It has been a real life saver! When travelling, either by car, or plane or train, I was sooooo sick that I would not want to go out of the house! Travel seemed to be out of my reach and I found your ReliefBand® by chance looking through a magazine. I never go out without my reliefband®. I have it with me at all times. ~ D.G. (Cairns)

I have suffered from motion sickness my whole life. Riding carnival rides was never an option as a kid, riding in small planes was always uncomfortable and a turbulent flight in a jet left me with an upset stomach that stayed with me even after landing. I have tried every “cure” under the sun! The ReliefBand® didn’t just make me feel “OK”, it made me feel normal. I will be telling everyone I know who struggles with motion sickness about your product. ~ M.M. (Double Bay, Sydney)

I am an avid traveler and I love to travel, but I always have suffered with motion sickness. I wanted to continue traveling but I really did not like the unpleasant sensations that came from traveling on a plane. When I saw an ad for the ReliefBand® Device,I decided to give it try. I bought it and went on two long flights. I was so excited that I called the company and said, “I have to tell someone how great this product is, it is wonderful and I want to shout it from the rooftops.” ~ F.W. (Brighton, Melbourne)

I recently purchased a ReliefBand® in the hopes of alleviating the motion sickness I experienced every time I fly on an airplane. I fly frequently to Europe. I purchased your product and shortly thereafter had another 8-hour flight abroad. What a difference! I can say, without hesitation, ReliefBand® has changed my life! ReliefBand® is the only thing that worked, and worked well enough that I could eat ! ~ I.C. (Hunters Hill, Sydney)


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