What is Relief Band

Reliefband is the only Australian Government approved medical device guaranteed to treat nausea.  If you suffer from nausea in any way, try Reliefband, it will work, we guarantee it!

  • 3  Totally Natural
  • DRUG FREE, no drug like side effects
  • No restrictions on what you eat, drink or taking other medication.
  • Works even after symptoms are in full swing.

How does it work?

Morning Sickess Cure 1. Nausea is initiated by the stimulation of nerve receptors in the central nervous system or the gastrointestinal tract, resulting an erratic stomach rhythm.
Morning Sickness Medication 2. The ReliefBand® Medical Device generates nerve impluses that travel through the body’s central nervous system to the higher emetic center in the brain.
Pregnancy Nausea Cure 3. The ReliefBand® Medical Device’s electronic stimulation regulates the nausea signaling process between the brain and stomach (via the vagus nerve), restoring normal stomach rhythm and relieving nausea and vomiting.
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    2017 replaceable battery reliefband


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      • Clinically Proven – TGA approved
      • Without Drugs, Without Delay
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