The Health Risks of Sea Sickness Tablets

Travelling has always been one of the many luxuries of many people around the world. It has brought them to places that they only once have in their dreams. It has provided them with happiness far above their expectations. It may be the joy of spending quality time with friends and family members or simply the solitude of travelling alone. These are the main reasons why people love to travel. It has helped them in many ways such as relaxation, fun, and finding one’s self.

On the other hand, there are also certain risks when travelling on air or at sea. Sea sickness is one of the few. This occurs mainly because of the irregular movement of ships as they collide with big waves. Many people especially kids are prone to such condition. It has even made other passengers swore never to take a ship anymore.

However, one does not have to get through sea sickness at all. One does not have to wait until he or she feels dizzy and start vomiting. There are sea sickness tablets available online and on available pharmacies. You can get your hands on them prior to travelling. However, there are certain health risks that a sea sickness tablet encompasses. First is drowsiness. Feeling sleepy especially during daytime may not be advisable for you. It will lead to being awake during wee hours and will then result to fatigue. This can then weaken the body and make a person less productive. Another health risk is impaired judgment. These two are very dangerous especially to people operating the ship such as the captain and his crew.

Examples of medications for prevention of sea sickness are Promethazine (Phenergan), Cyclizine (Marezine), Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) and Meclizine (Bomine). Common side effects are drowsiness and dry mouth. Due to these side effects, it is best to resort to other means of prevention than medications. For instance, take plenty of rest before travelling and avoid heavy meals. Fatty foods are difficult to digest which leads to rolling of such foods in your stomach which causes vomiting. However, you need to eat something as well. An empty stomach is equal to a very full one. Do not take alcohol hours prior to travelling too. It dehydrates the body which leads to the common side effect as dry mouth. Lastly, avoid closed areas. As much as possible go out into the open and feel the cool breeze.

As what most people believe, “Prevention is always better than cure.” Make use of the above tips instead of resorting to sea sickness medications in order to avoid certain health risks. Due to the health hazards that a sea sickness tablet brings, it is better to learn how to control rather than constantly depending on them.

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