How and Why the Relief Band Works

The relief band is not just some ordinary remedy for sea sickness. Aside from medicines that helps alleviate dizziness and nausea because of travelling, this revolutionary band is just worn on the wrist and calms you down and gets rid of sea sickness.

This extraordinary product has an advantage over other treatments and cures of motion sickness. The relief band has no side effects compared to medications that you may take to cure the nausea brought about by movements of the vehicle.

The question for many is how exactly does the relief band work? To understand this you must first understand what makes you seasick. In general, the cause of being seasick is that your senses are sending mixed messages to your brain. You may feel the motions but the lack of visual reference will tell your brain that you are not actually moving.

For example, you are on a cruise and in the middle of the sea. The ship begins to rock back and forth. It is only natural that you are going to feel the movement of the ship, but since you only see a vast expanse of water you do not see the movement. Your brain will then send signals to your stomach and your stomach starts to have contractions that make you feel like vomiting. This is what happens when you get seasick.

The relief band is designed to stop this. The band is like a wrist watch that you wear on your wrist. The only difference is that the relief band is worn inside your wrist. It has gold plated electrodes that are in contact with the inside of your wrist. The target of this band is your median nerve.

What the band does is it release electrical pulses to your median nerve thus controls the contractions of your stomach thus calms you down and gets rid of the sea sickness. The relief band also has a dial that controls the intensity of the electric pulses that it will deliver to your median nerve. Depending on the severity of your motion sickness the relief band is able to handle most cases and soothes your nerves.

The relief band is indeed a wonderful product. There are a lot of cures and medication out there that claims to get rid of sea sickness quickly. But the relief band is able to produce its promised results.

Now that you know how the relief band works, if you haven’t yet tried it, you should consider using it, especially if you are always travelling and often experience sea sickness while travelling. You will only have to buy it once and use it as often as you want. And because of its adjustable feature no matter how bad your sea sickness may be the band will be able to handle it.

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