How and Why Morning Sickness Occurs While Pregnant

Have you ever wondered why most pregnant women experience morning sickness? Do you have any clue about the answer? Surely, newlyweds and those planning to have a baby are eager to know the reason. First and foremost, you should know what that condition is. Morning sickness is a condition related to the increased levels of estrogen during pregnancy. It is also known as emesis gravidarum in medical terms or simply NVP (nausea, vomiting of pregnancy) in laymen’s words. It is called such due to the fact that it commonly occurs during the early times of the morning. Often times it decreases as the day advances. It often starts on the first two months and is usually considered as the first sign of pregnancy. Auspiciously, they cease to continue around the end of the second month of pregnancy.

There are many possible causes related to morning sickness. However, not all of them have been confirmed. First is the estrogen level which heightens during pregnancy. Another is low blood sugar caused by the placenta that drains energy from the mother in order to aid the growth and development of the fetus. It can also be caused by increasing levels of progesterone. This hormone relaxes the muscles of the uterus as well as that of the stomach and the intestines. This leads to excessive amounts of acid thus causing a pregnant woman to vomit. It is also believed that sensitivity to all kinds of odors stimulates activation of nausea.

Understanding how and why morning sickness occurs during pregnancy is important. However, knowing the ways to alleviate if not cure it is as essential. Pregnant women are not allowed to take any medications detrimental to the growing embryo. That is why it is best to rely on natural means to resolve this condition. Nevertheless, they still have the same goal and effect which is nausea relief. Here are some effective treatments commonly used by women who experience morning sickness during pregnancy. First, the sweet sour smell of lemons can be very helpful to women. This allows them to take food even though they have no appetite for them. Second, an empty stomach is also one of the many proximate causes noted. That is why it is essential to avoid having one. Although deemed as old fashioned, accommodation of food cravings must be done. This fills an empty stomach as well as nurture the fetus inside.

Eating six small meals and taking crackers or toasts before rising in the morning can also alleviate nausea. Other treatments of morning sickness include eating of fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of fluids, using relief bands and taking enough vitamin B6. As much as possible, you should refrain from using anti-emetic drugs unless prescribed by the doctor.

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