Foods that Help Relieve Morning Sickness

Since it is difficult to make a pregnant woman to get to eat anything, you will have a hard time convincing her to take food to relieve morning sickness. However, food is a basic need that each and every person has to make use of especially pregnant women. Knowing that there is another living creature growing and developing inside her, she has to take twice the amount of food she usually partakes. In order to relieve morning sickness as well as keep the baby well inside, there are certain foods that can she can take delight with. Here are a few of these foods.

  1. 1. Potato Chips and Crackers – These two are excellent to be taken between meals. They help prevent an empty stomach which is a known cause of morning sickness. The latter can also be taken early in the morning after she wakes up. A toast can also be a good substitute for these two. However, potato chips and crackers contain a certain amount of salt that stimulates thirst. In order to keep hydrated, take sips of water.
  2. 2. Gelatin-based Foodstuffs – These types of foods also works well with feelings of nausea. One common example is Jell-O. Frozen desserts, Pretzels and other gelatine-based desserts are also effective to relieve morning sickness.
  3. 3. Stomach-friendly Foods – Examples include wheat bread, rice cakes, and yoghurt. Peppermint and ginger teas are also regarded. Carbohydrates and protein rich foods such as rice, Cheerios and cookies are also considered. Carbohydrate rich foods are essential since they keep your glucose level high. This prevents the signs and symptoms of nausea. However, studies have shown that consumption of protein rich foods can relieve morning sickness well.      
  4. 4. Chewing Gums – Chewing gums in mint and ginger flavours are very effective in relieving morning sickness. They are especially taken in between meals in order to settle the stomach.
  5. 5. Drink Shakes – These can be great substitutes to a protein meal. They are very effective in alleviating nausea. They can either be in powder or smoothie form that contains all the nutrients the pregnant woman needs.

However, fatty foods should be avoided due to the fact that they slow down digestion. Spicy and acidic should also be avoided for they are gastric irritants which cause heartburns. Seasoned foods should be avoided as well for they aggravate feelings of nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy morning sickness. Caffeinated drinks must be avoided too for they irritate the stomach. Lastly, vegetables such as broccoli and sprouts have a very strong smell which may trigger nausea. With the list of food mentioned above, it will now be easy for a pregnant woman to keep a healthy body and a well developed baby inside of her.

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