Common Ways to Relieve Sea Sickness

Have you ever travelled across sea waters where instead of taking pleasure in the beauty of the ocean you started puking around somewhere? It complete changes your mood, right? As much as you want to marvel at the sea’s beauty, you simply cannot. This is due to the reason that you have occasionally been feeling sea sick. However, there is no need to sulk in your cabin and miss all the fun. There are common ways you can employ to relieve sea sickness. Here are a number of them.

  1. Whenever you feel a little sea sick, stand up and keep your head still. Lying down or remaining seated often worsens sea sickness. However, you can always keep your head still if standing up is impossible.
  2. Chew on some gums or eat some sweet candy. Crackers and peppermint candy are also common foods that relieve sea sickness. When travelling on seas, chewing on to something almost always helps.
  3. Focus on a single distant point. Instead of reading a newspaper or other documents, look at one direction such as the horizon.
  4. Carbonated beverages and water often relieves sea sickness of some people. Electrolyte-containing can also be effective when vomiting already occurred. These fluids keep a person experiencing sea sickness from getting dehydrated.
  5. It also helps to be away from other sick people. Smelling seeing these people vomit can intensify your condition.
  6. Always bring some medicines with you. If you are occasionally experiencing sea sickness, it is best to bring with you some anti-emetics in order to prevent any queasy feeling. However, common side effect is drowsiness.
  7. In some cases, you can also soak your feet in cold water.
  8. Make use of a sea band. The pressure that the button puts on the acupressure point of your wrist relieves sea sickness.
  9. Breathe some fresh air. Fresh air always relieves sea sickness. The scent and feel of a cold summer breeze relaxes your whole body.
  10. Drink some peppermint and ginger tea. This two are often effective when it comes to alleviating sea sickness. They have been found out to have marvellous effects on the digestive system by settling your stomach.

Sea sickness should not keep you from enjoying your trips especially luxurious cruises. These experiences are meant to be enjoyed and not sworn to be avoided. In order to fully take pleasure in the natural wonders made by god and the magnificent work of art that man created, take some precautionary measures by preparing yourself before travelling. Take some medicine; bring some remedies and most of all control yourself. By doing this, you can be sure to have the most exciting time of your life.


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