9 Different Cures for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a condition caused by a disorientation of the body’s balance as perceived by the eyes and the body’s center of equilibrium which is the ear. It is commonly experienced by people who are not used to travelling either by air, land or sea. Motion condition is a condition that can be prevented in more ways than one. There are devices, chemicals as well as natural ways to counter the symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Here are eight different cures for motion sickness that everyone must be aware of.

  1. Eat a hearty meal before going to travel. Some may think that it is useless to eat before they travel since you will only vomit it out. However, it is better to vomit something out rather than feeling the pain as bile goes through your throat.
  2. Plug your nose. If there is still time before you vomit, you can pinch your nose to avoid the vomit from clogging up your nostrils. In addition, it keeps you from smelling an unpleasant smell which may trigger psychomatic vomiting.
  3. Focus on one distant point. It helps to look over the horizon when you start feeling a little queasy. This works well when you are travelling with a car and is sitting at the front seat. Do not read signs your car passes by. Instead focus on one single point until the motion sickness is relieved.
  4. Breathe in fresh air. Fresh air helps relieve motion sickness. Often times, the feeling of nausea and vomiting are aggravated by the scent of the cars freshener. In this case, it is best to open the windows and let some fresh air in.
  5. Stop and walk a while. Going out of the car for once in a while is helpful in relieving motion sickness especially during long trips. This action also allows you to breathe in fresh air as well as enjoy the scenery to get you mind off of feeling sick.
  6. Bring some fluids. It is advisable to have sips of water during trips. A soda can also be employed to settle your stomach. However, if you have started vomiting already water and electrolytes are really helpful.  They will replace fluid losses thus keeping your body hydrated.
  7. Make use of Scopolamine patches. These are very useful when it comes to travelling on plane. Since there in no focal point available, aside from the barf bag, the Scopolamine patch is very effective. In addition, it can last for as long as three days.
  8. Take some medications. There are antiemetic medications available on drug stores to help you through motion sickness. Some may be prescribed while others are not. Feel free to ask from the doctor’s advice for a safer consumption.
  9. Use Relief Bands. These are simple bands that are worn on your wrist and is said to be very effective at curing motion sickness.

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